If you want the best, you want Doug Knutzen - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



If you want the best, you want Doug Knutzen

Don't waste you're time searching for anyone else, Doug is who you are looking for. I want to say upfront that I am not a fan of Realtors. I've worked with several on this and other projects. I find them to be a little like con men, just trying to make a fortune off of you by lying, pushy sales tactics and being lazy. I do not like paying them their commission, usually I don't feel like they have earned it. Doug completely changed my mind about not trusting realtors and probably should have gotten way more commission than he did. Our dream was to live by the beach. We had a complicated set of requirements regarding size, price and location on a piece of land for new development in an area we were not familiar with. We had spoken to a few realtors in the area and they failed to rise to the challenge (cough*theywereallterrible*cough). We were very disappointed and about to give up on our dream project when we found Doug. Right away you could see he was confident that he could find us what we needed. I can't say enough good things about our experience working with him. For ease of reading his many positive attributes I'll move to bullet points:

  • He treated us like we were his only clients (even though we weren't and no where near the highest commission either)
  • He was always very prompt about returning calls and texts (I am not a patient individual, this is important to me)
  • Never missed an appointment and was very flexible about showing times and days
  • He would send quality listings nearly every day to look at (many realtors just run a generic search and forward you everything making you dig through all the muck)
  • We lived 2.5 hours away and had full time jobs. Doug would go to a site, take video with commentary and send it to us to review when we couldn't make it over there.
  • He was honest, always. If he thought something was bad or good he would tell us. If I was being anxious, overly excited or impatient, he would manage my expectations or share the emotions
  • He knows everything about the local area and I mean everything. Doug helped us find contractors, restaurants, shops, told us about neighbors and neighborhoods, local politics, local activities, places to see or avoid etc etc. Whatever you need, I'm sure he could find it. It's especially handy when you aren't from the area, believe me.
  • He is a good negotiator and not a pushover. He knows when to play hard ball, when to wait something out or when to just go for a good deal. Didn't try to just get us to pay the highest price and be done with it.
  • Even though our hunt took several months, Doug never faltered or lost his dedication to our needs. I could go on and on. Doug truly went above and beyond anything we ever expected out of a realtor. He worked on our project as if it was his own, trying to find the best deal for the best value and treated us with respect and sincerity. Again, I reiterate, if you want an amazing agent who is attentive, treats your needs, your time and your emotional status just as seriously as you do, you want Doug. If you want someone who isn't just looking for another quick commission check off of you, you want Doug If you want the best, you want Doug Knutzen

- Zillow Review 05/25/2017 - jmaildna