Seaview was once a depot on the Ilwaco Railway and Navigation Company, a narrow gauge railroad that ran up the Long Beach Peninsula from 1889 to 1930. There was only a platform and shed at Seaview until 1905 when a regular depot was built. A photograph published by Feagans shows the depot on the east side of the tracks. There are three or four business just to the north of the depot. A wooden boardwalk between the business block and the depot began at the northernmost business, possibly a grocery (barrels and crates are visible), and extended south at least as far as the depot.

The photos from the University of Washington's collection, linked below, are crisp and show about four businesses just to the south of the depot, and also show the boardwalk extending south along the tracks along all these businesses. No business names are visible, but there appears to be an ice cream shop, an oyster lunch establishment, and a market. The first photo shows the train coming in from the south. The second photo shows the train after it arrived. There are two children seen playing on the west side of the track in both photos, comparison of the photos these are the same children.